Tuesday, September 25, 2007

World Famous Round Rock Doughnuts Delivered Overnight!

How would you like to sink your teeth down on a hot, fresh World Famous Round Rock Doughnut? These yellow doughnuts practically melt in your mouth! They've been voted one of the best doughnuts in the United States by MSN.com and have appeared on the Travel Channel and the Food Network.

DoughnutsOvernight.com can deliver 2 dozen or more of the famous Round Rock glazed or Round Rock Chocolate covered to your door overnight! Shipping Monday through Thursday with special discounted Overnight service from DHL, they're sure to be a winner at any office meeting, birthday party or even just to hoard for yourself.

The Story behind these great doughnuts is below; it's worth a read defiantly if you ever get the chance to stop by the bakery in person one morning and stand in line for the 20 plus minutes it usually takes to get your order in, and yes, they are that busy, but it's always well worth it!

Reinhold R. Moehring opened the Lone Star Bakery in 1926 in the Round Rock Main Street building where Kelley Cleaners now stands. Moehring and his wife ran the bakery for over 30 years. Moehring worked in a Georgetown bakery before opening his own shop in Round Rock. His son, “Red” Moehring worked in a Georgetown building where his father used to work.

Moehring began experimenting with dough recipes in the 1930s in an effort to produce a specialty product that would enable his small-town bakery to survive. By the early 1940s he had perfected the artistic creation which made his bakery unique—the renowned Round Rock Doughnut.

The tasty treat gained local recognition through the wholesale business with nearby towns. It worked its way all over the U.S. via servicemen whose mothers sent doughnuts as well as love. Some tourists, alerted by word-of-mouth, stampeded the bakery door to get a taste of the original doughnut.

Moehring maintained that lack of time and patience produces inferior doughnuts. “It takes hours to make doughnuts properly,” he said. His baker’s day often lasted from 3 a.m. until evening.

At the same time he was experimenting with doughnut recipes, Moehring and an associate, Mrs. Louise Johnson, developed the popular Swedish rye bread which became another Lone Star Bakery tradition. The bread comes from Mrs. Johnson’s basic Swedish rye recipe, with changes in proportions added by Moehring. Molasses gives the bread a dark and sweet flavor; very little rye is evident in the taste. The bread is popularly known as brown, dark or German black bread.

Selma Erlanson, Louise Johnson’s sister, became the second owner of Lone Star Bakery in 1943 when she bought the shop from Mr. Moehring. Selma and Louise ran the bakery from 1943-46, when it was sold to third owner Roy Hester. After Hester’s short stay, the bakery returned to original owner Moehring. In 1949, after a previous move, Moehring moved the bakery to the building that now houses Rubio’s Grocery.

Louise Johnson, fourth bakery owner, bought it from Moehring in 1960. Moehring stayed with the business awhile as part-time baker. Mrs. Johnson continued traditional Moehring favorites and added fruit pies, spice cookies, and baked cinnamon rolls (from the coffeecake dough) to the bakery’s repertoire. She found the bakery business very interesting; she especially enjoyed watching the business grow and meeting her variety of satisfied customers.

Mrs. Johnson, who owned the bakery from 1960-65, remembers making 200 loaves of Swedish rye a day. She had several out-of-state customers who ordered 100 loaves at a time. One fellow picked up his bread via private plane. Swedish rye is still the most popular bread sold at the bakery.

Mrs. Johnson recalls that Moehring also made excellent French bread and round, iced coffeecakes. Moehring built his business on quality rather than variety; his bakery pillars consisted of four basic products—the famous doughnut, Swedish rye bread, white bread, and coffeecake. He sold no cakes and very few cookies.

Charlie Baird, fifth bakery owner, bought it from Mrs. Johnson in 1965. Lack of parking space downtown prompted Baird to build a new Lone Star Bakery in 1970 on West Liberty, its present location. While under Baird’s baker ship, the Round Rock Doughnut was declared the best doughnut in Texas by Texas Monthly writer Richard West. Baird retired from the bakery business in 1978 when he sold the bakery to Jan and Dale Cohrs who continue to operate the bakery today.

DoughnutsOvernight.com will get the doughnuts to you as fast as we can (in most cases the next morning). We will include heating instructions to get the product as close to "Fresh from the Fryer" as we can. Customers who have ordered claim that it was just like being at the bakery when they warmed the doughnuts." The amazing smell will fill your kitchen and friends and family will come running. (That is if you decide to share when guests are over)

There has been many a business deal secured over a plate of Round Rock Doughnuts, they're great conversation starters for any morning meeting. The unique yellowish color and the wonderful taste may have your customers asking to come back to do more business with you.

DoughnutsOvernight.com delivers to all of the 48 lower states to almost all addresses. If you live somewhere that delivery services rarely deliver to it may take a little longer, but they will still be good. If you decide to keep these for yourself, they can be frozen and do quite well too!

Remember DoughnutsOvernight.com next time you need something extra special. Place your order online before 2pm CST to ensure next day delivery. Anything ordered on Friday or over the weekend will go out Monday to be delivered on Tuesday. They accept Visa, MasterCard and PayPal for payment.
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