Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Coporate Gifts

Making Business Relationships last:

There are many times when you’ll find it suitable, even a necessity to offer corporate gifts. However, remember that these gifts are meant to establish and strengthen your business relationships while also promoting your company. You shouldn’t be handing out gifts all the time, but there are occasions in which you may be helping a fellow business celebrate a success or milestone, or recognizing a holiday or event.

Corporate Gift Giving

Giving gifts in the business atmosphere is much different than giving them to your family or friends. Make sure to give your gift in person whenever possible, this makes your gift appear more genuine, and shows effort and consideration.
If you can’t deliver the gift in person, at least make sure you’re giving the gift to the right person or group. If your contact is a manager, yet most of your business is done with the administrative assistant, get a gift for both. You should always show appreciation to those whom are worthy of it!

Make sure you offer the gift at the apt time. When celebrating a company achievement or milestone, be sure not to let too much time pass between the event and the delivery of the gift. This would only make you appear lazy and display a lack of value for the people you’re trying to recognize. If you’re giving a gift for a holiday or a special event, try to give it early. You don’t want your gift lost in a crowd; always make sure your gift will stand out and be well received.

Don’t forget to personalize the gift. Include a card, and if there are multiple recipients, note each person on that card so all recipients feel recognized. If the gift is from a group, make sure that each giver signs the card. Make sure to use this gift-giving opportunity to establish personal relationships with other professionals.

What to give:

Whatever you do, when you’re giving corporate gifts, never be cheap! You don’t want to come across as penny-pinching or appear to resent the recipient of the gift. Gift giving is never to be viewed as a chore, no matter who the recipient.

You also want to give a gift that lasts and shares a message. Products that display your logo are always great.

Just remember that you’re trying to develop a relationship with the recipient of your gift, while sharing a corporate message at the same time. Pick a gift that you would appreciate receiving and which speaks positively for you and your business.

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